Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Home Brew Label & The Story Behind It!

My label means a lot to me and when I decided to make a label for my home brew, it needed to reflect my life experiences but also the beer I was going to make. The name of my beer is Kaiser which is short for Kaiserslautern Germany which was my first duty station when I was in the Army back in the day. Seems like forever ago but when I got to Kaiserslautern as a young man and was introduced to real beer... ...I was blown away.

The shield with the fish on it is the flag of Kaiserslautern.

The silhouette of the American flag, soldier and German flag symbolize me being an American Soldier stationed in the host country of Germany.

Of course the Medal in the bottom center is my Army Southwest Asia Service Medal.

I am proud of the logo but I want my beer to be the most important feature. I mean. let's face it, if the beer stinks who cares about the logo.

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